Entitled: American Women, Titled Husbands, and the Pursuit of Excess
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Winston Churchill was proud of his half-American heritage. His mother, the beautiful Jennie Jerome, was the forerunner of an onslaught of American heiresses who wed titled husbands. A few of the marriages were happy but many were crass exchanges of titles for dollars. By the end of the 19th century, literally millions of dollars had exchanged hands and it was difficult to find a titled family that did not include at least one marriage to a wealthy American wife. In this collection of stories, Richard Jay Hutto has assembled never-published photographs and spoken with descendants of many of those families. Some of their tales are happy, some sad, and some cautionary, but all are fascinating.

Author: Richard Jay Hutto
Hardback, 212 pp.
ISBN 978-1-934144-37-4

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Americans have heard of King Edward VIII's Wallis Simpson, "the woman I love," for whom he gave up the throne of England. Many recall the beautiful wedding fifty years ago when Grace Kelly became Princess of Monaco. But there are more than one hundred marriages of American women to princes and dukes. Some were calculated business arrangements designed to secure a title while replenishing the bank accounts of destitute royal and noble families. Others were true love affairs. With never-published photographs, excerpts from correspondence, and interviews with descendants, author Richard Jay Hutto has painted a fascinating picture of money, beauty, power, and palaces--the lifestyles of the rich and famous--a lifestyle not entirely ended.

Author: Richard Jay Hutto
Hardback, 320 pp.
ISBN 0972595171

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About Richard Jay Hutto

Richard Jay Hutto compiled and edited Accepted Fables, the autobiography of Jordan Massee, and wrote Their Gilded Cage: The Jekyll Island Club Members. An attorney, writer, and published authority on America's Gilded Age, he served as White House Appointments Secretary to the Carter Family and was Chairman of the Georgia Council for the Arts.

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